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Thursday 25 November

LETTERS AND SOUNDS Click on the link below. Can you read these captions? Remember to use your robot voice to say the sounds to read the words. Can you also add the detail to the picture and then colour it in beautifully?


Write your name beautifully. Write the following letters when someone calls them out.

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff s ss ll

Practice any letters that you are finding tricky


Can you write some words with words with ll in? Can you read some of the ll words in the grid below and have a go at writing some of them. If you would like to, you could play the roll a dice game too!


Can you write numbers 1-10 correctly?

Click below and practice writing them out and work on the ones you get back to front or don`t know yet. Only do numbers 11-20 if you are very confident with 1-10.

CREATIVE - Design your own super hero mask. Explain what your super power is. Have fun being a superhero!