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Unit 8: Subtraction within 20


About this unit: 

We are starting a new maths unit this week. We have learned about subtraction before, but only within 10. This unit is a good chance to revise previously taught methods and move on from them to a range of efficient subtraction strategies. This unit follows on closely from our last unit, (addition within 20), and the children will be able to make many links between the two. The children will also get a greater understanding of addition and subtraction as the inverse of one another.


Structures and representations that are key to the children’s learning:



Today’s Learning Focus:

In this lesson, we will learn how to subtract by counting back, we will then go on to solve number sentences that have missing numbers.


Have a think about this maths question:



There are 15 snowflakes,

then 4 snowflakes floated away.

How many snowflakes are left?


Here is today’s video!

Today’s Task:

Complete as much of the worksheet as you can. Remember that you can use a number line or a tens frame or a part-whole model to help you.

Challenge Task:

I have attached a challenge sheet that accompanies today’s learning.

Maths Games:


Subtraction to 10 game


Subtraction grids up to 20