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COMPUTING - Our Photos and Captions 28.1.21

Yellow Class have taken photos of their learning and wrote their own captions.


Hi Mrs Kelleher My caption is A magical blue Chinese fairy dragon. From Isabella

From Léo: "This is my pictogram maths answers."

Kit, this is outstanding! Your captions match your photos so well and I love the tangram dragon.

Hi Mrs K Here is some of my work from yesterday. Love from Isla xxx

From Jorge...

"Hi Mrs Kelleher This is my maths from yesterday. I hope I did it right. From Marla 😊"

From Annabelle: "My favourite Alien Adventure books."

From Eddie: "My sentence starters assignment."

Some pictures of E enjoying Maths and Computing.

"Dear Mrs Kelleher I have ✅ done everything I need to do 😃 here's what I've done. Tom"

From Lenny: "Hello Mrs Kelleher This is my maths from today...

and home made kazoo!"

"Dear Mrs Kelleher Here is my work Love Jonah"

From H...

From Isabel: "I made a tally chart of the cars I saw! White won."

From Deia...

"Chinese propel are very fond of dragons. I learnt to draw a dragon." by Leo