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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group:


Today we are learning all about z and zz. Watch this Alphablocks video to find out more: 



Now ask your grown-up to read out each of the following words. Can you sound talk each word? E.g. z   i   p. Remember how we sound talk and clap each word in school. 










If you would like a further challenge, have a go at writing these words or write some simple sentences that include z words. 

Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


This week we are learning to read and spell CCVC words, (words that have adjacent consonants and long vowels) such as: spark, scoop, clown and steep.


Watch today's video to learn more.

Today, we are learning to read and spell the tricky words do and come. Practice reading and writing these words.

Have a look at today's worksheet (the answers are also included). It is a picture of a beach scene and you are to fill in the missing captions. Don't forget to sound talk any challenging words. 

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:


Today, we are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the ow grapheme.


Watch today's video to find out more:

Visit Phonics Play to play Acorn Adventures, selecting the 'ow' grapheme.


I have also attached a 'Roll an Read' mat, that you might like to play.