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This week in D&T I would like you to evaluate the vehicle you made in last week’s lesson.

Evaluating what you made is a really important stage of the process as it helps you think about how to improve your work.

We have talked about evaluating work before; it means that you need to think carefully about your work and judge it. You need to think about the design you did in your book and compare it to the vehicle you actually made.

Your objective was to design and make a vehicle for Mr Gumpy which allowed him to transport all the animals and the children without them getting wet or getting stuck in the mud.

I would like you to answer the following questions. A sentence for each one is fine.

  1. Does the vehicle you made in class match the vehicle you designed? If it doesn’t, that is OK – as a designer you need to be able to explain the changes you made and why.
  2. Does your vehicle meet the objectives of keeping all the passengers dry? Would your vehicle be able to get through the mud? Remember how we talked about the number and size of wheels was important to give the vehicle traction or grip.
  3. If you were asked to design and make a vehicle again for Mr Gumpy, how could you improve it and what would you do differently?

Please could you email your evaluation to the Year 2 email address.

Thank you, Yellow Class!


Mrs Willis x