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English: Reading

So...when we left Secrets of a Sun King last, Lilian, Tulip and Oz had ventured into the desert to find Kyky's tomb. They met a young Egyptian boy called Pepe who, along with his camels, Charlie and Chaplin, began to help the three friends. While in the desert, Tulip was stung by what Pepe believed to be a scorpion and Lil began to worry whether this was the curse striking again. The gang also saw Mr Carter and friends in the desert close to where Tutankhamun's official tomb entrance had been discovered - though he was not permitted to be there.

       Listen to the first part of chapter 18 below.

Please read the imagined 'Howard Carter's diary' text below about his feelings when discovering the steps leading to the tomb and the period leading up to this. Once you have read the text, try to answer the questions in full sentences. I have given you sentence openers to get you started but from question 7, you will have to think about how you could do this for yourself.

I haven't provided answers so please submit this piece of work to me via email for feedback. Please ensure you have sent this by Thursday (3:30pm) for feedback this week. (


Thank you laugh