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Monday 17th January

Letters and Sounds and Handwriting

Today we are learning the digraph oo. It can make two different sounds, the long oo and the short oo sound. Please watch the video below to understand the two sounds it makes, then have a go at the sheet below.


Can you write the following simple sentence in your best handwriting?

I can see the moon.

Do not forget your capital letter and your full stop. If you would like a challenge write some more captions and sentences using oo words.

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Today we are looking at numbers that make 10. Look at the sheet below and see if you can spot the number sentence by looking at the beads. If your child would like a challenge, ask them to tell you all of the ways that they can make 10.


Watch the video below of the book Supatato by Sue Hendra.


Can you make your own Supatato character out of a real potato?

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