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Reading and Writing

This week, our English sessions will focus on play scripts. You have all been involved in a play at some point during your time at Ethelbert Road, so you all know how exciting it is to bring your character to life, and work as a team to create a really special performance!

Firstly, watch this BBC Class Clip as an introduction to plays, just to refresh your memory!

Now, I would like you to have some fun reading a short play script. I have chosen a story you all know really well: Little Red Riding Hood. Obviously, there are many parts in a play, so if you are at home, you could perform the play with other members of your family. I know that some you have regular virtual meetings, so you could perform your play in one of your meetings! If you are at school, then you can perform your play within your bubbles. It might be an idea to read through the script first. Then, decide on roles; you may have more than one part! Finally, start thinking about your character and how they might speak and act. As you read through the text, pay attention to the layout; I will be asking you to write your own play script later! Have fun! 

Little Red Riding Hood Play Script

I hope you had fun reading that play script! Now, I'd like you to start thinking about writing your own play script! Before you think about the story you want to tell, you need to learn how to set out your text so that it is easy to read. Scroll through the power point, below, to find out more about the way the script is written and also to explore some of the language.

Now you are ready to write your own play script! I would like you to write a script that interests you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Write another scene for the Little Red Riding Hood story.
  • Write a short play script inspired by your reading of The Wind in the Willows.
  • You could write a script linked to your Aztec learning. What about the meeting of the two leaders: Hernan Cortes and Moctezuma. How might they react? What would they say? 
  • Write a short script based on Aztec beliefs about the gods and their idea of creation.
  • If you prefer, you can write a script based on a book you are reading at the moment.
  • You may wish to write a script about something that is topical at the moment: lockdown, BLM, transition to secondary school... infact anything that interests you!


Please send me a copy of your script and I will ask Onyx bubble to perform it!

I have attached, below, a checklist to support you! I hope you enjoy being a script writer!


There are two short comprehensions for year 5 this week. The first is related to the play script topic and the second is a 20 minute timed comprehension to help you keep skills sharp! 

The summer holiday is almost here! However, if you would to keep your English skills 'ticking over', why not complete this fun English activity pack. Enjoy!


Adding verb prefix



  1. overthrow
  2. overturn
  3. overslept
  4. overcook
  5. overreact
  6. overestimate
  7. overuse
  8. overpaid
  9. overlook
  10. overbalance