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What Positives Have Come From Lockdown?

What new talents have I discovered?

What new skills have I learnt?

What am I most proud of?


Lockdown is a difficult time when we may feel that the things we love and enjoy have been taken away from us. For example, we are unable to go to school, see our friends and family, take part in after-school activities or visit our favourite places. 


During this difficult time, you may have learnt new skills, discovered new talents and found more of your special qualities. These positives need to be captured and celebrated. 


Can you take some time to think about what positives being in lockdown has taught us? Please choose which task you would like to complete. 


Task 1: Can you draw your favourite memory of this lockdown or what you are most proud of. 


Task 2: Can you write on a star, the things that you are most happy and proud of during this lockdown experience. Can you decorate your star and put it somewhere that will remind you of how amazing you are? Here is an example: