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I hope you enjoyed listening to this winning entry of the BBC 500 words competition. I really like the way the writer thought about a classic tale that we all know, and then added her own modern twists to the story. This made the story very funny and, in turn, highly engaging!

This week we will be launching a Summer Reading Challenge with one aim: to make you laugh! We would like you to read books with funny pictures, amusing storylines, crazy characters, jokes, fact anything that will make you smile or even laugh out loud!

In line with the Reading Challenge, and inspired by the 500 words winning story, I would also like you to write your own classic tale with a twist! Maybe you will choose Little Red Riding Hood after reading the playscript last week or perhaps you have another idea. It is entirely up to you! Here are some things to consider:

  • Choose a tale that you know well.
  • Think about the plot. Maybe draw a mind map of the key events.
  • How could you introduce a modern twist to the story?
  • Listen to the winning story again to see how the writer created humour. Which parts of the story made you smile?
  • You could take inspiration from well known authors who have created amusing characters: Roald Dahl or David Walliams.
  • Here are some ideas to get you going: Goldilocks and the three Musketeers/Dinosaurs/Wise Men/Worms; An Unexpected Encounter: Little Red Riding Hood meets Dobby the House-elf... the possibilities are endless!


Another idea is to write a reimagined Shakespeare play! Choose one that you know well and if you are unsure about the plot, visit the RSC Home Learning page for great ideas and a synopsis of each play. Please send me your finished work and I will read them to Onyx bubble! Click on the link below for inspiration.



Here are 2 comprehensions for you to complete. Time yourself to do them. Can you complete each of them in 20 minutes?

keeping Skills Sharp 2x 20 minute comprehension


Converting nouns or verbs into adjectives using the suffix - ful


  1. boastful
  2. faithful
  3. doubtful
  4. fearful
  5. thankful
  6. beautiful
  7. pitiful
  8. plentiful
  9. fanciful
  10. merciful