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Week 2 - More useful verbs



This week we are going to carry on thinking about the key verbs that we started last week -


VIVIR - to live

HABLAR - to speak

SER - to be. 


Re-watch the video below to remind you of how they change depending on who is speaking.


Now that you have remembered our verbs, watch the video below for more information about this week's task.

Verbs week 2

Now think of somebody that you could write your own facts about - a sports person, actor, someone in your family, a friend, someone to look up to. You can add their picture or just label them and then add your sentences.



Me llamo - I am called

Soy - I am

Tengo - I have

Vivo - I live

Hablo - I speak


If you send your work to Mrs Calzada, she will send it on to me and I can add it onto this page for all to see. ¡Gracias! :-)