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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group:


Today we are going to revisit the sounds we have been learning so far. Play the Phonics Play speed time trials game to begin.


In school we make words using boards and magnetic letters. Today we're going to make our very own Letters and Sounds boards using paper/card and pens.


On small pieces of paper write out letter sounds including these digraphs:


ck sh ch th ng


Now have a go at moving the letters to make some words? Your grown-up could say a word and you have to move the letters. Here are some photos of my Letters and Sounds board to give you the idea:




Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group: 


Yesterday we were learning two new graphemes: wh and ph. Take a look at this short video to recap these graphemes. 

I have found some fun games for you to play that will help you with your practice. Choose from the options below: 

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:



Can you create a poster showing your learning and understanding of the alternative spellings of the phoneme /ai/. I have included an example below: 


Does your poster show ALL of the graphemes for /ai/?