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Activity 1


This week we are starting a new unit of learning Numbers to 100.


Do you know all your numbers up to 100?



We will also use a Place value grid. This is a place value grid with tens  and ones.


What number is shown here?





Today we are going to practice counting in 10's.



You can circle the mushrooms in groups of 10, like this:


Can you see that we have 3 groups of tens and 6 ones?


You can organise them like this:


Or put them on a number line like this:


Have a go at counting these flowers in jumps of 10.



Now have a go at answering some questions by yourself.


Use drawings or objects that represent tens and ones, or the 100 Square, to help you if you like.

Activity 2


Today we are going to explore number patterns looking at a 100 number square.



Have a go at these, with some help from an adult at home if you need, and then complete today's worksheet.


Activity 3


Today we are going tot think about partitioning numbers.


Do you know what that means?


Partitioning a number means that we find ways to split it up into smaller groups, such as tens and ones. We do this to make some of our number learning easier.


Have a look at the picture below.

What data is the girl recording?

Do you recognise anything from any of our other lessons? Can you use that to count he sunny days more quickly?



How many days of sun have there been?

How many full rows of 10 are there?

How many more suns are there?



Use your understanding to answer these questions.



Activity 4




How does the number line represent the question?


Did your place value grid look the same as Flo's? Explain to someone at home how they are the same or different.


Remember that we say 'four tens' because we have 4 groups of 10 chairs, which in total makes forty.

10, 20, 30, 40.


Your task today is to have a go at completing place value grids.

Activity 5


This week so far we have been finding 1 less and 1 more than, we have partitioned numbers in to tens and ones and we have used place value grids.


Today I'd like you to put all of that learning together and complete the worksheet below, so that we are ready to move on to comparing numbers, ordering numbers and bonds to 100, next week.


Remember to use  a number square or objects to help you.