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Today, we are going to start to develop some language and descriptions ready to write our poems tomorrow. Yesterday, we heard Valerie Bloom's poem in which the River is described as many different things - a winder, a baby, a singer etc.

       I'd like you to start by looking at the pictures of the rivers below. Can you see how different each river is to the next? Think about what else you could compare the rivers to.

       Remember in last Thursday's Geography lesson where Miss Dhillon described attrition being like a car crash where the rocks collide and fall apart, and traction being described as being like tractor wheels turning the rocks to move them to a different part of the river. Please use these ideas to help you too!

Congo: A River Journey - BBC News

What could we describe each river as?


  • a snake (winding)
  • a cheetah (it's fast)
  • an ogre (looks angry)
  • a Waltzer (spins around)
  • a dove (peaceful)


Can you think of any ideas of your own?


I'd like you to take the ideas that you have come up with so far and create a mind map to think of all of the different language that you could use that develops your idea. This might be by adding adjectives to create an expanded noun phrases, or thinking of other nouns and verbs that enhance/link your ideas.

       Take a look at my mind map below for a little help and inspiration.


Please remember that this poem is going to be a rhyming poem so as you write your mind map - you might want to consider some words that rhyme with the words that you choose. You can see where I have added some rhyming words - they are written in the grey pencil.