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Counting to 100

Let’s wake up our maths brains and practice counting to 100. Watch and join in with the video below:

Related Facts

Before we start our new unit of work, which will be on Place Value, we are going to spend today and tomorrow finishing our addition and subtraction unit from last term.

Today we are going to be finding related facts. Have a look at the image below:

How can we write these three numbers as related facts?

Watch today’s video to find out more:

Today’s maths tasks:

I would like you to choose which star activity you will complete today. 1 star is easy, 2 star is medium, 3 star is the worksheet and a challenge.


               Complete Worksheet number 1, using the pictures to help you. 


     Complete questions 1-2b from the video worksheet.


  Complete all of the video worksheet & the challenge sheet.