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Descriptive writing

  Today’s English task is to write a description of nature. This can be a real description of a place in nature that you go to today or have been or you can use your experiences of nature to describe an imaginary place.

  You’re first job is to go outside, in your garden or for a walk. If you can’t go outside at the moment have a look out the window and imagine how it might feel to be outside at the moment.

  Whilst you are outside, use your senses to notice as much as you can about nature. Can you think of 3 adjectives for each of your senses? Can you think of any metaphors or similes that would help you describe what you are noticing or feeling? (Have a look at the poster I have uploaded below to remind you about similes and metaphors.) Have a look at the ‘Find nature’s colours’ sheet below to help you think about the different colours you might have seen.

  Write down as many ideas as you can on a piece of paper, use as many different colours, pens, pencils and crayons as you would like to help you come up with as many ideas as you can.

  Once you have done this, take a break and go back outside if you can, think about the words and phrases you have written down.

  Now pick your favourite ideas and write some paragraphs describing nature. Remember, we start a new paragraph when we talk about a new thing. So, if you have described a tree and you now want to describe a patch of grass and flowers, you need a new paragraph.