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I'd like us to think all about worries this week. It is a MYTH that worries are worries and all worries are the same! All sorts of different people have all sorts of different worries - and even for one person - different worries can have different .

       Some worries are little worries. These are the things that cross our minds every now and again but they don't affect our every day lives - for example, you might worry that you won't score in a football game, or worry that you might have made a mistake in Maths. Other worries are medium worries. These worries might make it hard for us to do something, but we can overcome them: they aren't impossible - perhaps like a test that we are really, really worried about. But then, there are also really big worries. These are the worries that fill up our minds and sometimes make us freeze. Our body often reacts to these worries too. We might feel poorly, have sweaty palms, we might find it tricky to breathe or our hearts might race.

       Today, I'd like you to think about different worries you might have and see if you can sort them into little worries, medium worries and big worries.

       Then, I'd like you to make your very own worry doll. As you don't have Mr Fluffy Beast to eat your worries at the moment, the Worry Doll will take his place. The idea of a Worry Doll is that you share one worry with one Worry Doll and then place it under your pillow and when you wake up, your worry will have lessened and you will feel calmer.

       The guide below gives you ideas for how you might wish your own Worry Doll but you might have your own ideas so please feel free to design your own style Worry Doll/animal/monster! Whatever works best for you! 


If you'd like to talk to me about your worries, please send me an email and I can arrange to give you a call.