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Today, we are going to write our set of instructions to tell the dinosaurs how to tidy up Earth.


Let’s look again at the sentences that the man says on the following pages. Do you remember that we collected verbs from these pages yesterday?


The man owned some factories nearby.

Build me a rocket,” he ordered.

Cut down the trees, dig out the coal,

burn whatever will burn,

and build me a rocket,

to reach the stars.”


The man is instructing his workers. He is telling them what to do. He is giving them commands! I have highlighted the commands above in yellow.

Mrs Haylor gives you commands all the time! Sit still! Pick up your pencil! Open your books! Read your book! The verbs highlighted in orange are called imperative verbs or ‘bossy verbs.’

They heaved and stretched. The Earth cracked and out came all sorts of creatures.

A dinosaur held his nose as he looked around.

“Pooh!” he said.

“There is nothing on this planet but mess.

If we are going to live here, we’ll have to get busy.”


Today's Task:

Using the verbs that you have collected from yesterday and others you know, I would like you to have a go at writing some commands as a set of instructions for the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are going to follow your set of instructions to help tidy up Earth!


Click on the link below to watch a short video to understand what commands and instructions are.



Your instructions need to be short and very clear, so that they can be followed. Start your sentence with a ‘bossy verb.’ Commands can have an exclamation mark ! at the end of the sentence. Here is an example:


Burn the rubbish!

Knock down the chimneys!

Pull down the walls!

Tidy the rubble!


Other verbs you could use: cut, demolish, destroy, dig, order, clean


Copy your work up neatly. I am looking forward to reading your work. I will be checking for capital letters, finger spaces and an exclamation mark ! or a full stop at the end of your commands.


Challenge Task:

Can you add some sequencing words to your instructions, e.g. first, afterwards, finally.


First, burn the rubbish!

Next, knock down the chimneys!

Afterwards, pull down the walls!

Finally, tidy the rubble!