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Yesterday, you learnt about the 4 types of sentences.  Can you remember all 4 of them? Today, we will be learning about questions and commands in more detail, linked to a story from China, 'The Magic Paintbrush'.



Task 1: Can you decide whether these sentences are questions or commands?  Challenge: can you tell a grown-up which punctuation mark you would use at the end of each sentence?

  • Go back to the classroom
  • Can you see if there is anyone there
  • Finish your lunch and then go out to play
  • How high will your kite fly
  • Do you think it is windy enough
  • What is the capital of China
  • Seize that boy
  • Which continent is China in
  • Eat all of your dinner

Task 2 - Watch this brilliant tale from China called The Magic Paintbrush

Task 3: Write either a question or command for these scenes from The Magic Paintbrush.  You could print out the pdf file if you want to (below).

Printable sheet for writing Questions and Commands

This was written by one of the Year 2 children from last year