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Writing - Character Description 

Today, please continue with your character description.  I would hope that you've written about two-thirds of a page of A4 (a minimum of 6 sentences would be great, thank you).


Don't forget about improving your sentences. Here is a reminder:


  • Ma Liang paints pictures.


  • Ma Liang paints beautiful, magical pictures because he has a magic paintbrush.





Optional Task - Editing

If you finished your writing yesterday, maybe you could have a go at self-editing.  If we were in school, I would be teaching you how to edit your own writing this term, using a purple pen.  Could you check:


  • CL (captial letters) and FS (full stops) 
  • HFW (high frequency words) Can you use word lists to check your spellings of some common words?  In Year 2, we don't expect you to be a perfect speller, but using a word bank to check some of the common words is a really good habit to start.


Here is some writing from one of the children from last year... can you see some of their editing using a purple pen?


I would really be super impressed even if you try to do just one of these things.  Even if it looks a bit messy, it doesn't matter, because you are improving the quality of your writing.