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My Maths

I have set another challenge for you on My Maths! x

Activity 1

Telling the time to the hour.


When we tell the time, there are two hands on the clock - the hour hand, which is short, and the minute hand which is long.


Look at this clock and have a think about the questions below.




How many hands can you see on the clock?

Do you know how to use them to find out what time it is?

Which hand is for the hours and which hand is for the minutes?




What time does the clock say in this picture?

If the party starts at 5 o'clock, what will the clock show?


Use this picture to help you if you find this tricky.


Now have another go. You can ask an adult at home to help you.




The first clock shows 7 o'clock.

The second clock shows 2 o'clock.

Did you get them right?


Now let's practice!


Activity 2

Yesterday we had a go at telling the time to the hour.


Today we are going to learn to tell the time to the half hour.


Remember that a clock has two hands - the hour hand and the minute hand. Do you remember how to tell which one is which?



What time does the Teacher say that assembly will start?


Can you see the minute hand on the classroom clock in the picture? Where is it pointing?


This shows us it is half past. When the minute hand is on 6 we know it is half past.

What is the time on the clock in the picture? The hour hand will have gone a little bit past the hour we are on.


This will help you:


Have a go at these, with help from an adult if you need it.


Now practice telling the time to half an hour!

Activity 3

Today we are going to think about how long it might take to do a simple activity, and to understand how long seconds are compared to minutes.


You will need a stopwatch to time the activities.


Here is the list of your activities and how long you have to complete each one. You need to look at the activity and how long you have to do it. Then guess how many times you can do it, before completing it.


You can print this off and fill it in if you wish.


You will need an adult to time you.



There is a space at the bottom for you to make up your own activity.

Activity 4

Yesterday we timed ourselves doing activities for a number of seconds or minutes.


Today we are going to use this understanding to help us estimate some different activities.


Remember that some activities might only take seconds, some might take minutes, but some activities might take hours.



I estimate:


What about these activities. Do you think they will take seconds, minutes or hours?


Now have a go at today's quick task:

Activity 5

We have spent time this week learning about seconds, minutes and hours. Today we are going to  Compare time.


Look at what the teacher is saying here.

How long did it take the class to tidy the room yesterday?

Was that a long time, or a short time?

Do you think that they should be able to do it more quickly?



What time would be faster than 20 minutes to tidy the classroom?

If George tidies his desk in 30 seconds, is this faster or slower than 1 minute?




Now try Activity 5 - Comparing Time