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Friday 26 November

LETTERS AND SOUNDS Click on the link below. Can you read these captions? Remember to use your robot voice to say the sounds to read the words. Can you also add the detail to the picture and then colour it in beautifully?


The tricky words we have covered so far are in the link below. Find out which ones you need to practice writing and have a go. Remember to do your best work and take your time.

Click on the link below and state which plate is the odd one and EXPLAIN why it is the odd one out


Find a wooden spoon and find some items in your house to be used as a drum. Which of your objects make a loud sound when you bang them with a spoon? Now try with a metal spoon? What changed and why? Can you sing a nursery rhyme that you know well and use the spoons and objects as instruments to accompany your song? Have fun being a musician.