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Today, you will be applying all of the knowledge you have developed so far about co-ordinates to finding the co-ordinates of points when they are not given. You will be looking at quadrilaterals (Quad? What might that mean?) and trying to find the missing points.


NOTE: Some of you will want to attempt all of these questions in your head which is fine. But you will find it so much easier if you use the grids (or draw grids) and use your ruler to actually draw in the shapes. Trust me! It will take you half the amount of time.


Start by watching the two videos below. Then, log into Activelearn to complete today's Discover activities (Lesson 4 - Reasoning on a Grid). If you wish, you may also want to attempt some of the Think Together questions but don't spend more than around 15 minutes on this.

Example of shapes on a coordinate plane

Finding coordinates of missing vertex example