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Handwriting Practice


Year 1 handwriting objective: To form capital letters and lower-case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the correct place.


We will be focusing on our handwriting practice today. I would like you to continue to spend some time practicing the formation of your lower-case and upper-case letters. I noticed a huge improvement in your handwriting from the written work that your parents emailed me, last term. I would like you to try really hard again this term to write as neatly and as accurately as you can. Any written work that you complete this week, try and make sure that your writing is joined -if you can. 


* You may like to do the activities that I have planned for today, throughout the week in shorter bursts if would prefer. 


The image below shows how we form our letters. Please note the way we write the letter 'x.'



I have attached some blank handwriting lines if you would like to use these for today's lesson. To save printing, you could use some lined paper. 

Today we are going to focus on correctly forming the letter, s, f, and o and practice writing these letters in their lower-case and upper-case forms.



Cursive s


Cursive f


Cursive o


Task 1


Practice tracing and writing the letters s, f and o on the sheet provided or on a separate lined piece of paper. 


Task 2


Practice your handwriting by completing the Tricky Word Sheet that is attached below.


Task 3


Practice writing a sentence using joined up writing.