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Deep in the Nevada desert is a real-life secret US base - that is not so secret! The base is used by the US Air Force for test flights involving stealth planes. However, lots of projects and research being carried out within the facility remain secret. No one knows exactly what goes on inside!

       Up until six years ago, the US Central Intelligence Agency - better known as the CIA - didn't even admit that the facility existed. Confirmation of the base's location - about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas - and its first official mention came in 2013, when the CIA de-classified a report on the history of the Lockheed U-2 spy plane, which was tested at Area 51 during the Cold War.

       In the 1950s, there was a huge increased on ‘supposed’ UFO sighting in the area but this was around the same time that the planes were being tested. Because the information about the planes was classified, the US Air Force could not give an explanation about what people we’re seeing in the sky because it was top secret.

       For years now, some people have believed that the base is where UFOs are stored and where scientists experiment and test on extra terrestrial life forms e.g. aliens!

For today’s Free Writing, I’d like you to write your own piece about Area 51. It could be a story, a poem or perhaps a newspaper report! It doesn’t have to be about what you think really happens in Area 51. You could take inspiration from the conspiracy theories and come up with something very weird and wacky!

What's Inside Area 51? | COLOSSAL MYSTERIES