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Letters and Sounds

Phase 6 - adding _ing

In school, the children have been revising previous Phase 6 remote learning.  Last week, we revisited the past tense.  This week at home, please revise our old learning about adding _ing.  


Today, we will learn when to double the final consonant before adding the suffix _ing.

Look at these words - what do you notice?

  • clap … clapping
  • run… running
  • skip…skipping
  • hop… hopping
  • chat … chatting
  • jog… jogging


Task 1:

Please watch my teaching video by clicking on the link below to open up Loom:  


Task 2:

Choose a word from the list below and then add _ing.

Be careful, you will need to double the final consonant for some of these words!  Remember, 1 short vowel + 1 consonant = double the final consonant


hop, jog, think, sit, play, hum, watch, cut, thank, drink, stop, wait, play, listen, run





Mrs Willis's Groups

For this week, please use PhonicsPlay to revise any of the Phase 3 phonemes which you are less secure with.  


You could also access previous remote learning for any activities which you may have missed or need to revise.


Thank you.