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Unit 6: Numbers to 20



Today’s learning focus:

We are learning to order groups of objects.


We will be using the following maths words:

Who has the most? Who has the least? More and fewer.


Let's begin today's lesson with a challenge:

Who has the most letters in their first name in your family?


My daughter CHARLOTTE has 9 letters in her name.

My son HENRY has 5 letters in his name.

‘Charlotte’ has the most number of letters.

‘Henry’ has the least number of letters.


As an extra challenge:

Who has the greatest number of letters in their first name in our class? Who has the least number of letters?

Let's watch today's video to learn more: 

Please find today’s worksheet attached:

Today’s Challenge Task:

How could you show greatest to least?

For example, you could group your playmobil characters, your lego pieces, dinosaur figures and teddies into groups to show greatest to least?