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English Grammar and Punctuation

LO: I can write sentences in the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE PROGRESSIVE TENSES.

Yesterday, you learnt about these three new tenses. In order to consolidate your learning, I would like you to write your own sentences to describe what IS HAPPENING in the picture below. 

Present Progressive Tense

  1. It is raining.
  2. We are watching the rays of sunshine cast light upon the sea.
  3. Bernie, who is a caring and wise elephant, is shielding his friend from the incessant rain.


Past Progressive Tense

  1. The sun was shining upon the friends.
  2. We were feeling a little low, but then, suddenly, the sun began to shine.
  3. The storm was passing, and we were beginning to see the light.


Future Progressive Tense

  1. They will be feeling much better once the rain stops.
  2. "The sun and the rain will be creating a rainbow soon," said Bernie. "Just you wait and see."
  3. "I am your friend, and I will always be looking out for you!"


Now write your own sentences using these three tenses.