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Unit 6: Numbers to 20


We are starting a new maths unit and for today’s lesson we will be learning to count numbers up to and including 20. We will also be learning to write the numbers to 20 in numerals and words.


For today's lesson you will be using a tens frame and a number line, maths resources that you have all used in class. I know that you will get on brilliantly today! smiley



Watch today’s White Rose video which will explain today’s learning.


I have included your main worksheet for today and the answers. I have also included another worksheet if would like more practice learning the numbers 0 to 20.


For those of you who enjoy a maths challenge, I have attached 3 challenge maths cards. Choose one card to complete.

Click on the link below, to play a fun maths game which will help you to learn to count numbers up to 20.