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English and History


Please continue to listen to your Roald Dahl audio books.


As always, find a little time to read each day. Reading is so important and helps us with lots of areas of our learning. You can read by yourself, to someone you live with or even to your teddies! When you have finished reading, it's great to talk about what you have read.


I have found a lovely e-book 'Knights and Dragons, Unite!' that I'd like you to read this week. Can you spot the rhyming words?



Activity 1:

We have done lots of lovely learning about Castles, so this week we are going to think about knights!


Do you know what a knight is?


A knight is a top solider who protected important people, like Kings and Queens that lived in Castles.


Knights wore special armour to protect them in battle.


Have a look at the Knights Presentation and read about all the different parts of a Knight's armour.

Now you know all about Knight's armour, have a go at labelling it on the worksheet.

Activity 2:

Today I would like you to research information about Knights and create your own 'Knights Fact File.' I would like you to include at least 5 things that you have learned about a Knight. You can use yesterday's presentation to include information about different parts of their armour.


I have made a Knights writing template for you to write on if you wish.

Activity 3:

Today we have two different types of activities to do!


The first task is to 'Dress the knight'. Follow this link to play tml 

You need to put the armour on to the Knight and then label it.


When you have finished, you can make your own split pin Knight! You need split pins to help your Knight move. You will need to ask an adult to help you with that. If you don't have any split pins, you could stick your Knight together instead.

Activity 4:

Today we are going to think about poetry and acrostic poems.


Do you know what an acrostic poem is?


First you need a theme! I would like our theme to be Castles and Knights as we have been doing lots of wonderful learning about them.


Write your word down your page, with one letter on each line. Like this:









Now you need to think of a word, based on our theme, that starts with the first letter on each line.


So my first letter is C. I can think of Castle, Chainmail and charge!


I'm going to choose Charge! like enemies would charge at the castle.


C harge!


My next letter is A. I can think of arrows, arrow slits, armour, A Knight or A solider.

I'm going to choose Arrow slits, that are on the castle's towers.


C harge!

A rrow slits


I will do this for every letter.


This is my finished acrostic poem:

Have a go at making your own acrostic poem. I have given you a Castle or Knight worksheet to use, or you can make up your own.


Use the word mat to help you with ideas, or look at your previous learning.

Activity 5:

Today I would like you to make up your own poem about our Castle and Knight learning.


You could think about different parts of a castle, knights, a knight's armour, Motte and Bailey castles, soldiers, enemies or protecting Kings and queens.


Just have fun and see what you can come up with! :)