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Judaism - Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur


This term we are continuing learning about Judaism and focusing on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


We are going to start by thinking about making ourselves better and setting ourselves goals.


At the end of this term, you will have finished Year 1 and in September you will start Year 2.  Do you remember leaving Orange class and starting Yellow Class? It is so exciting when you start a new class. You might have a different Teacher, or maybe a different classroom when we can all come back to school again, you will have new books to read and new toys to play with. Does that make you feel excited and give you something to look forward to?


This Year has been difficult for all of you! Most of you have had to stay at home and do your learning there, instead of in school.


How has that made you feel?

What have you disliked the most?

What will you look forward to most when we can all be in school together again?


Your task this week is to think about letting go of Year 1 and looking forward to Year 2.


Can you find a plain piece of paper and on one side I would like you to draw something that you would like to achieve in Year 2.

This might be something in your learning, it might be something about your friends, you might want to get better at something or achieve something you have been finding really tricky. It's up to you.


Keep this piece of paper, as we will use it again in another lesson and draw something else on the other side.