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Monday 22nd June

blushGood Morning Yellow Classlaugh


How are you all?  This week, the weather forecast is for hot weather so make sure that you wear sunscreen and hats if you're outside!  Don't forget to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water too!


This week, you have a great writing task - to imagine that you've just spent a night camping in the desert and to pretend to wake up in the morning and then write a diary all about your night.  


We are linking our Geography and Maths learning this week; you will be reading temperatures in degrees Celsius and comparing the weather in Faversham with a place called In-Salah, Algeria.  Yesterday, they had a sandstorm there ... that would've been quite scary but at least the camels would cope with their protective eyelids and lashes!


In Science, we are starting to learn about food chains. A food chain shows how animals get their food from plants and other animals.


I hope that you enjoy this week's learning and remember, just do your best and please don't worry if you cannot complete everything.  I will be telephoning to speak to some more of you this week (after 12pm) but don't worry if your parents miss my call, I will phone back!


Be safe, be good, be happy and be weather-watchers!


Lots of love,

Mrs Kelleher



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