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  This week we are going to tie together our topic learning and Children’s Mental Health Week. Today you are going to research what life is like for children in other countries and then tomorrow you are going to have the opportunity to write a poem or story or something else to show what you have learned and to reflect on how you express yourself.

  Have a look at the websites, videos and documents below to find out about children in other countries. You may want to focus on one child, one country or multiple children in different countries. You might know children who live in other countries so you could think about what you know about them as well.

  Some things you could find out about children around the world are:

  • What they do for fun.
  • Where they live.
  • Whether or not they go to school.
  • What foods they like to eat.
  Take a look at the photos below to find out about the day to day life of Clemente, an eight year old boy who lives in Mexico.