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¡Hola Year 2!


It's our last Spanish lesson for this term so below I have included a little Spring song and an activity sheet for you to count the objects and then you can add some colour.




Somos como las flores

Key words:

Somos como las flores - we are like flowers

En el jardin de la vida - in the garden of life


Necesitamos - we need

La lluvia - rain

El sol - sun



Activity sheet:

Easter Song in Spanish: Felices Pascuas, Happy Easter | Learn Easter Words & Dance Like a Bunny!

Easter in Spain is a big celebration, in Spanish we say Pascua. Felices Pascuas means Happy Easter.


Holy Week is a sight to see with amazing processions through the towns. This is called Semana Santa.


You could make some easter cakes, just like the Spanish do - they do all sorts of great designs - have a look at these photos and then you could design your own wonderful Easter cakes or draw a picture of what you would like them to look like. These cakes are called monas de pascua.


I look forward to seeing you all after the Easter holidays XXX