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Wednesday 24th November



We are going to put our current Maths learning on hold for the time being as many people are off, including myself. We will continue with our addition and subtraction topic when we can all be back together, hopefully very soon.


Today, I'd like you to have a look at symmetry inside shapes. This is probably not something you have covered yet in school so watch this handy video below and then complete the Power Maths Discover and Share questions followed by Activity 1 below. For this activity, it would be great if you could cut the shapes out and fold them to check for symmetry before you draw any lines - this will ensure that you are certain and have checked first.

Lines of symmetry



If you were in on Monday, you would have made a start on this activity already.


You need to design your own sufganiyot flavour ready for Hanukkah, which begins this weekend. Then, you need to design your own persuasive advertising poster to encourage people to purchase your doughnut - because yours is the best, the most delicious, the most scrumptious sufganiyot ever!


To make a successful poster, you will need to use at least two of the techniques below...

  • a catchy slogan
  • alliteration
  • exaggeration
  • the rule of three
  • repetition
  • rhetorical questions.


Tap the link below to see what we were working on in school on Monday.

Free Writing


Write a piece of your choice inspired by the picture below.



We have been really enjoying our Charanga unit learning to sing and play along with ABBA's Mamma Mia. Try lesson 4 at home today. Although I'm certain most of you won't have a xylophone at home, if you have access to/play another musical instrument, perhaps you could try that out.

The Demon Headmaster Chapter 15

On Monday, we read up to the part that is at 5:12 on this video.