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Monday Morning Message

Monday 25th January 2021

Good morning Purple Class,


I miss you all. We are halfway through the term and you are doing so well with your home learning. You make me very proud. I love receiving your emails and pictures, thank you for sending them.


This week we shall be using non-fiction books to help us write an information fact sheet all about a dinosaur of your choice. You will learn how to layout your work and the features that you need to include in your writing. I hope that you will have fun researching some fantastic facts. I would love to see your writing so do email me your work by Thursday, and I will reply with feedback.


We will be starting a new unit for Maths this week. We will be focusing on addition and using our number bond knowledge to help us to add numbers within 20. We will be using tens frames, part-whole models, and bar models to help us.


We will be identifying, naming, and sorting animals that are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores for our science learning this week. We will also be doing the same for dinosaurs too!


I hope you all have a fantastic week. 

Mrs Haylor



Dear Parents,


As always, I believe that the happiness and wellbeing of your children and your families come first. I will endeavour to keep the Year 1 webpage full of interesting learning but there is absolutely no expectation for it all to be completed. It is there if you need it but if you would rather pick and choose what best fits with your day and your circumstances, then that’s absolutely fine. I don’t want you to feel under any pressure. Thank you so much for your lovely emails, your support is greatly appreciated. I am always here, should you need me!