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Term 3 - Los colores and food



¡Feliz año nuevo! Happy New Year


To start Term 3, we are going to learn some colours in Spanish. 


Rojo - red

Azul - blue

Amarillo - yellow

Verde - Green


Can you find some objects that are these colours?



Rojo Amarillo Verde Azul

Watch this video below to help you to remember the words for red, blue, yellow and green in Spanish



Learn the Colors in Spanish | Colors Song for Kids - Canción de Los Colores

  • Now you could play a game - say a colour in Spanish and see if a friend can find something that is that colour. Have fun! ¡Disfruta!


Rojo - Red

Amarillo - Yellow

Azul - Blue

Verde - Green



 Watch the videos below to help to learn some more colours. You could then see how many different colours you are wearing today, or how many colours are on your favourite books.


Reception - Los colores

¿Cual Es Tu Color Favorito? | Canciones Infantiles

The Spanish Flag

The Spanish flag needs two colours. Do you know what the Spanish flag looks like? Watch the video below to find out...


Yr R Spanish Flag


Use anything that is rojo and Amarillo to make your own Spanish flag or you can colour or paint the flag on the worksheet below.


Enjoy ¡Disfruta!