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Persuasive writing

  Today’s English task is to write to persuade someone – something I know you are all fantastic at (Your Norway writing was all amazing!)!

   Your first task is to go outside (or look outside if you can’t get outside right now) and have a look at nature. What can you see? What can you hear? What can you smell? What can you feel? What can you taste? What do you enjoy about being outside? What things that you can notice in nature are your favourite things? What things nature do you think are important? Why do you think that?

  Now, can you see anything that isn’t helping nature? What things can you see that are damaging to nature?

  Can you write a letter or a presentation to persuade someone that they should stop damaging nature? Perhaps they need to stop throwing rubbish on the floor, or start recycling or walk/ cycle instead of driving a short distance?

  Or have a look at the RSPB website here to get involved and write a letter to support one of their campaigns.

  Have a look at the AFOREST PowerPoint below if you want to remind yourself about the persuasive techniques you can use.