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English: Reading

I'd like you to start by reading/listening to Secrets of a Sun King Chapter 21. 

       Today, I'd like to think about how the characters thoughts, feelings and actions change throughout the events of this chapter. This is an eventful chapter where Howard Carter finally gets called out for his 'naughty' behaviour.

       I'd like you to pick a character of your choice - Oz, Tulip, Mrs Mendoza, Pepe, Lord Carnarvon, Lil or Howard Carter - and write a paragraph or two explaining how the character is feeling, thinking or how they act throughout the chapter, and how perhaps this changes. Use evidence from the text but also what you already know about the characters. You might even wish to write about more than one character.


e.g. At the beginning of the chapter, Lillian wants Howard Carter to 'hear about it', about how he Grandad and Professor Hanawati have faced curses since their actions many years ago. Lillian thinks that Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon should not be taking items from Kyky's tomb or else they will face the curse. Though Lil wants to make her views heard, she does not say anything for quite a while. She listens carefully, 'looks on in amazement' and has 'sweaty hands' suggesting that she is very nervous and building up her confidence. But, as the chapter goes on...


Please submit your paragraph(s) to me for feedback by Monday morning (08:45) for feedback by next Wednesday.