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Today, we are going to move on to learning how to solve correspondence problems. A correspondence problem is where you figure out how many different possible combinations there are. For example, Miss Constantine has 3 t-shirts: a pink one, an orange one and a striped one. She also have two pairs of jeans: blue and grey. How many different outfits could she make out of these items?


Well, I could wear the blue jeans with the pink top, the blue jeans with the orange top or the blue jeans with the striped top. But I could also wear the grey jeans with the pink top, the grey jeans with the orange top or the grey jeans with the striped top. I have 6 outfit choices in total.


Now, that was an easier one to solve. But what if I had 8 tops, 5 pairs of trousers and 9 pairs of shoes. That'd take a while to figure out all of those combinations...or would it? Today, you are going to solve how to solve problems like these efficiently without having to write down every single possibility.


Start by watching the video below. Please ignore when it says complete questions 1 - 4 etc. as we are not using the White Rose worksheets. Then, log in to the Power Maths textbook to complete today's Discover and Share pages before moving on to your independent work below. You can complete the TT section if you wish but please do not spend too much time on this - no more than 10 minutes.

White Rose Maths: Correspondence problems