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This week we are going to learn about another famous nurse who was living at the same time as Florence Nightingale. Her name was Mary Seacole. She was brave and very determined.


When Mary Seacole died in 1881, her story was forgotten. But today, Mary Seacole is very well known.


Adults - Some of the content this week is aimed at slightly older children. There is nothing that should cause offence, however, please go through the activities as you see appropriate for your child.


Activity 1

Please watch the video below, to find out all about Mary Seacole and the wonderful work that she did.


When have watched the video, scroll down to read a few more facts and then complete the activity at the end of the page - ordering the events in Mary Seacole’s life.




Activity 2

Today, we would like you to read the information in the power point below, with an adult. While you are reading the information, talk to your adult at home  about how Mary must have felt when she was turned away by the British Foreign Office because of the colour of her skin.

Now, please watch the animated stories of Mary Seacole.


There are three sections;

1. Journey to Crimea

2. The Crimean war

3. After the war was over


You can spread them out over a few days.



Activity 3

Today we have a reading comprehension activity for you to have a go at.

Read about Mary’s life and then answer the questions.

There is also an answer page to check your answers at the end.

Activity 4

Today we are going to think about using question marks in our writing.


Do you know what a question mark looks like? Can you draw one?


This is a question mark



We use a question mark at the end of a question sentence.


Like this:

How are you today?

What did you have for breakfast?

Who can I play with?


If your sentence isn't a question, then you can use a full stop.


Like this:

That bird is pretty.

I like your new jumper.

Hello Mum.


Choose one of the activities below and see if you can spot which sentence needs a question mark  and which sentences need a full stop.

Activity 5

Today we would like you to listen to the story ‘The Knight who would not fight’.


Can you write 5 questions to ask the knight.


The questions could be about the creatures he meets on his way.


Don’t forget a capital letter at the beginning of your question sentence and a question mark at the end!