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LO: I can write sentences about Viking beliefs of the afterlife from the point of view of a Viking warrior.

I would like you to refer to the mind map that you created yesterday about Valhalla, and also to the video clips I attached. Using these ambitious words, below, write sentences about Viking beliefs of the afterlife. Imagine you are a Viking speaking about his thoughts of the afterlife. What might he say or think? Add these sentences to your mind map.


  • glorious afterlife
  • presided over
  • feast
  • dine
  • Odin
  • shields for roof tiles
  • drinking horns
  • Valkyries
  • mead

E.G. The finest mead and food fit for kings will be provided when we reach the halls of Valhalla!


       We will feast and dine both night and day as we recall our heroic deeds on the battlefield!


       I long to be taken by the Valkyries to the halls where brave warriors rest in the company of Odin.