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Hopefully last week you managed to start programming your questions so that Scratch knew the correct answer and thus, when you played the game, you may have received a Yay! message or something else that you inputted into the coding blocks.

       Today, you are going to think about what changes you could make to your sprite (character) in response to either a correct, or even an incorrect, answer. 

       You may wish to start by loading my VERY short example game to see what you are aiming for at the end of the term, although I'm sure your games will be better - or certainly longer - than mine.


WARNING: At the moment, your sprite should be the default cat. If you choose to completely change your sprite - like I have - you must be careful in order to avoid losing your coding. You MUST NOT delete the cat sprite until you have copied your coding blocks (right click and 'duplicate') onto your new sprite. If you get stuck, please email me before you do this otherwise you may run the risk of losing your code.