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DT (Design & Technology)

Vehicles (thank you Mrs Willis)


Hello, Yellow Class! I hope you all had a good Half Term break?


This term we are doing D&T (Design & Technology) and we are linking it to your topic on Transport.


We are going to spend the next two lessons investigating vehicles. Then you are going to design and make a vehicle to help a character in a story that I know Mrs Kelleher will be reading to you this term – I wonder who it could be?!


So, it would be useful if you can collect some junk-modelling materials over the next couple of weeks to make your vehicle.


Today I would like you to look at the PowerPoint below. It shows different vehicles and their uses. You might have books at home that you could look at too.  Then I would like you to draw and label your favourite vehicle using the word bank below to help you.


wheel     seat    headlight    window    door    windscreen    bumper    exhaust    tyre  

windscreen wiper    bonnet    steering wheel     brake light    handlebar    number plate


If you have any toy vehicles at home, spend some time this week looking at how they work. How do they move? How are the wheels fixed on? What is the vehicle used for?

If you see any pictures of vehicles you like in magazines or papers, ask if you can keep them to help you when you design your vehicle.


Have fun!

Vehicles and their Uses