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  This week we are going to finish off our learning about time. This week we are going to compare the duration of events, find the start and end times, estimate times and measure events in seconds.

  Why not try figuring out how long different events take? How long does is take you to eat a meal? How long does your favourite show or film take to watch? How long do you sleep each night?

  There is a clock that can be moved to show different times that might be helpful allocated on Power Maths and a link to other online clocks that can be used, on the days it might be helpful.

  We will use the work from our text books (the pictures are below and you have been allocated the lessons on your Power Maths accounts if you would prefer to use this) for most of the week.

  Today we are going to compare the duration (how long) of different events.

  Have a look at the Discover page below. This is the page that we usually look at together after you have written your LO. Have a look at this and see if you can figure out the answers to the questions, remember to use all the information on the picture to help you. Once you have done this, look at the Share page next to it to see if you were correct. Did you use the same method as the book? 

   Have a look at the Think Together page that we normally look at in pairs or groups. Spend 5 – 10 minutes looking at this page, remember it’s not about answering all the questions, it’s about getting your brain started. You can write down as much or as little to help you. The answers for these questions are in a document below. How did you do? If you made mistakes can you see where you went wrong and do you understand the answers now?

  The questions you would normally do in your book and the answers you would use to mark are below. Spend about half an hour on these, remember how many questions you normally manage to answer in class, try to finish about that many. Remember to mark each question as you go, so you can check you are on the right track after each question. Remember to correct yourself before you move on to the next question.