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Letters &Sounds



Please begin this session by revising any of the phase 3 sounds that you are less confident with. 


You can also use and explore ‘Buried Treasure’, ‘Picnic on Pluto’ or ‘Dragon’s Den.’


This week we have been practicing to read the tricky words they, all, are, do, said, so, have, like, some, come, were, there, little, one, when, out, what.


Task 1) I would like you to spend this session revising the tricky words we have learnt so far this week.


Have a look at this video to help you:






Extra Practice

Can you complete the handwriting practice, taking care to make sure that your work is neat! I have also included a colouring sheet to help you learn this week's tricky words.

Mrs Willis' Group


How many times can you write each tricky word in 30 or 60 seconds? Do you remember doing this challenge at school, with Mrs Willlis?


Your words are: oh, their and people.