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PHOTOS and VIDEOS - April 2020

VE Day Singalong Info

Super writing from I. You've used some great sentence starters like: Suddenly and After a while. You have also thought carefully about writing in sentences with CL and FS, well done you. Thank you so much for my letter - I miss you too and I'm so proud that you can ride your bike now!xx

J, this is brilliant printing, Mrs Willis will LOVE this and I really love the colours you've used. Keep up the great learning!

So clever to write your Science up as if you were the pepper seed, J, it reminds me of the Wombat diary! I really love your Morris design too, superb overlaying of the green stems:-)

What a wonderful LOT of surpises I had today... I was truly 'Rainbow Bombed' by some of Yellow Class! You have definitely brightened up my day and Miss Clegg and I MISS YOU ALL so much! You will go down in my History book as one of the BEST CLASSES EVER! xxx

VIDEO 1 of 5 - INTRODUCTION TO PRINTING: Mrs Willis has made these AMAZING videos to show you how to do some printing at home. She has thought carefully about adapting and 'making do with what you've got' so that you can all have a go without the 'proper' tools. Absolutely brilliant Mrs Willis, I think you could set up your own YouTube channel! HUGE thanks! xx

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Dear Yellow Class,
If you have a go at printing like this, please could you email Mrs Kirkbride and she will forward them onto Mrs Willis and myself. Love, Mrs K x

Video 2 - Background

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Video 3 - Negative Space

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Video 4 - Printing the Leaves

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Video 5 - 'and finally'

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Ah, such a great letter - extremely neat, organised correctly and tells me lots about your news. I'm amazed that you cycled 14 miles and I hope that you had a great birthday. Thank you! x

BRILLIANT Maths learning from this young lady and I really love how you've copied my methods, thank you T! Great printing too, I feel very proud of you! x

Great use of apostrophes to show what belongs to someone! :-)

I love this descrption, not only the way you've edited with a purple pen but also look at how many ADJECTIVES you've used! Well done F! :-)

Thank you so much for my letter, brilliant writing and I can't wait to see how your runner beans, strawberries and cucumbers grow. I'm very proud to hear that you are completing all of the home learning, well done! :-)

Miss Clegg has been to the School Garden to plant some seeds for us all to enjoy!

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Thank you Miss Clegg! We can peep through the railings if we happen to walk past and take a look!

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Stunning William Morris design, I love how you've created the other half, it looks symmetrical too! Well done! :-)

Fantastic writing, thank you for all that you are doing! :-)

Stunning detail on your William Morris design and I love the commas in your list ... thank you for all of the wonderful learning young lady! x

"We have had a very busy week I've enjoyed science because I've liked planting some strawberries I am measuring them to see how they grow . I like the far away tree book ." Fab photos from this young man, I especially love how you are gardening with your sister! x

Wowee! Stunning performance from this young lady, full of actions and wonderful expression ... Shakespeare Club, watch out!! Mrs West will be thrilled with this! x

Still image for this video

"I have done lots of science work this week looking at trees and roots and also planted some sunflower seeds and beans. My mum and I also went on a science walk which was fun." Really SUPER pictures, I love your descriptive word bank too, well done! x

What a great way to learn about Position and Direction, this is the best way, by making things move! :-)

Still image for this video

You look like a proper gardener! Really great diagram explaining what your tomato plant needs, well done! :-)

I really love your Tree Description - beautiful handwriting with full stops and I love the word 'glimmering'. Super photos! x

Great to see you learning Science in a practical way, growing potatoes, onions and garlic! :-)

So proud to hear that you are cracking on with all of your home learning, especially the Maths! I love this photo of you reading The Magic Faraway Tree! x

Lovely to see you growing some seeds for Science and what a stunning William Morris design! I really love the grey blocked lines, it looks just like wallpaper! x

What a great Morris design, I love the colours you've used and it looks symmetrical! Well done! :-)

And here's another thumbs up! Great bit of practical Maths & I love the use of orange segments to help you count! :-)

I love the way your circle is divided into 4 quarters to help you learn about turns and your thumbs up is fab! :-)

I don't think I could've done better myself! I love the way your pattern repeats, wait til Mrs Willis sees this! x

Mrs K's tulip bulb ... can you find out what a plant bulb is?

Mrs Kelleher's William Morris design with real flowers!

Another amazing William Morris design! I love the repeating green leaves! x

I love the bold title and clear layout of this! Well done! x

Beautiful reading aloud, I feel very proud of you! x

Still image for this video

Another fab poem! (It makes me feel hungry!) x

What has Miss Clegg been doing so that her seeds have germinated?

A Letter from Miss Clegg x

A delightful, detailed William Morris design! :-)

Running, racing and flying! Looks like great fun, boys! x

Still image for this video

Wow, look at that plane fly!! Love the design! :-)

Still image for this video

I love your chalk rainbows! Wonderful learning and a cool Lego model too! x

Great reading comprehension! :-)

A super reading challenge! x

Look after these plants, I can't wait to see them grow! x

William Morris designs - I love how you've improved on your first drawing,, it really shows you are putting effort in and moving yourself forwards! x

Super labelling of your plant and seeing you read your book makes me feel so inspired to read too! x

These photos are super (especially the tree climbing)! They show just what we are learning about, thank you! x

"Here are some pictures I did before the Easter break. One was of a Magnolia tree near where I live, for the William Morris project. And then I did a picture of a Lego flying bus I made for the Flying High project." I loved your message, thank you! Your magnolia tree picture is truly wonderful and what a cool Lego flying bus! x

You are a superstar! Look at all of this wonderful Home Learning, I am very proud of you, thank you so much for completing all that I have set you to do! x

What a thoughtful and emotional poem, you are truly so imaginative! x