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I understand some of you had difficulties accessing the Phonics last week? This week is my first week planning Phonics and I have (hopefully) put the links up for you. 

If they don't work again, please login to Phonics Play and find the activities under the Resources tab along the top bar, and then select Phase 5. Everything you need this week should be available on that page or under 5c resources at the bottom of the Phase 5 resources page.

Spread these activities out across the week as you wish and to suit your child.


This week we are learning alternative spellings for the /ee/ phoneme.

Have a practise at GPCs you have already looked at to warm up


Flashcards: speed trial


Flashcards: Time challenge



Use Investigating Alternative Spellings for the next three activities


Phoneme Spotter - With help from someone at home can you please read today's Phoneme Spotter and find all the words with ee phoneme.

How many did you find?

Can you write each word you found with the ee phoneme down 3 times.


Word Sort - Can you move each word into the correct columns?

Did you get them all right?

Which grapheme is most popular in your game today?


The Best Bet - Can you work out which phonemes are under the yellow boxes? Click the box to see if you're right!


Sentences Phase 5c

Try reading the sentences which have alternative spellings of ee (click the toggle the button to show each sentence.)