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School Uniform

A new law was passed by Parliament on 29th April 2021 to ensure school uniform is made more affordable for families. Schools are required to follow new statutory guidance on uniform costs, instructing them to keep prices down.

We appreciate that at times, children may have specific needs that will require reasonable adjustments to be made to the uniform policy. At these times, the SEND/Pastoral team will work collaboratively with parents to agree a course of action.

If anyone needs support with purchasing uniform please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff or the school office.

Only clothing ‘with logo’ written next to it requires a logo. We have pre loved uniform for anyone who requires it. 


-Purple sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece – with logo

-Yellow polo shirt  

-Smart grey trousers, grey shorts, grey skirt or grey pinafore dress

-Grey, black, white socks or tights

-Sensible, easily fastened coats

-Black shoes or black flat boots (no trainers or high heeled shoes please)



-Purple Sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece – with logo

-Yellow polo shirt 

-Smart grey shorts, grey trousers, grey skirt, grey pinafore dress, purple or yellow checked dresses

-Light, rain coat

-Black shoes (no trainers or high heeled shoes please) or closed-toe sandals with an ankle strap (no crocs please)

P.E. Kit

-Purple hoody – with logo

-Purple T-shirt – with logo

-Black Shorts 

-Black tracksuit bottoms or black leggings

-Sports trainers                       

-Small bag or rucksack (we have limited space so no large rucksacks please)


-Purple or blue bookbag, that must fit in their tray – with logo if preferred


Due to limited space in the school and classrooms, please could these be small



Long hair

Long hair is to be tied back. Extreme hairstyles (eg sculptured, names / symbols, tramlines, patterns, Mohicans and dyed hair) are not acceptable.


In order for your child to show their personality, we allow them to wear headbands of their choice. However, if these headbands become distracting we shall ask the child to remove them.



No jewellery should be worn except small stud earrings, medical jewellery, SEND jewellery or jewellery for religious beliefs. If jewellery is to be worn, parents should write to the Headteacher stating the reasons why. All jewellery MUST be removed for all PE lessons. If your child is removing their jewellery at school, please provide them with a small box or container to keep them in safely. The school can not be held responsible for any lost Jewellery.



Only small round studs are to be worn for health and safety reasons. If your child has their ears pieced they can tape them with micropore tape for 6 weeks. Parents will need to provide micropore tape.


Parents will need to remove children’s earrings on PE days, or teach their child to remove them. If your child is removing their earrings at school, please provide them with a small box or container to keep them in safely. The school can not be held responsible for any lost earrings.


Nail Varnish

Nail varnish is not permitted.


We have discussed these rules in line with the Equality Act 2010, however if there is a specific reason your child needs reasonable adjustments to be made please let us know.