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Photos and Videos - JUNE & JULY

Wow! Your handwriting has REALLY improved, J! What a lovely message to me too, this has made my day today! x

I love this, especially the gold.... what a fabulous artist you are turning out to be, T! x

A super poster, AE! I'm sure the whole of Yellow Class would like to be your partner (but maybe we should warn your future Year 4 teacher seeing as it's in 2021)!! x

Stunning Art from this young man - I especially like the light blue patch of sky creeping in (or creeping out?)! I think that your food chain is fab! x

G, I love that about your opera voice and I think that you would make a super Vet when you are older, especially considering how caring you are! x

N, the quality of your poster writing is excellent, well done! I love your food chain using recycled things too. Super comparison between Faversham and the Gobi - I don't think there is a Sainsbury's in the Gobi Desert!! xxx

A fab eye-catching poster and look at your first home-grown potato! x PS. I wonder if the tooth fairies are still allowed out?!

An impressive poster, A! I think I might make a good travelling partner for you! :-)

O, this is FABULOUS, it's great the way you've got a photo of you and also your desert shoe box in the picture too. I REALLY LOVE how creative you've been. I hear that you were inspired by Lord Kitchener, well done! :-) x

Gorgeous home made toys, C and a stunning desert sunset. Well done x

This really does deserve an "OMG!". This is just amazing, N, from start to finish, you are so clear and I love the way you refer to your flip chart. I think that you would make a great teacher and you did make me laugh at the end with your headscarf! Just SUPERB! XXX

Still image for this video

Great use of blending, they look so effective, T. I love that you've chosen to paint one and collage one, super! :-)

I think your friends will be excited to see your guinea pigs, they are adorable! I love that you've kept a diary about them. Super desert in a shoe box too, well done F! x

A great food chain and I think that your lion themed picture is wonderful, even if he "greets people in cinemas"! ROAR!!

You are a superstar, R! Great Gobi Desert learning. x

Great compound words and I LOVE this Maths working out. x

A stunning sunset picture just for me, thank you J, I love the way you've torn (not cut) the paper. x

Superb detail in your desert creatures, I can't believe you made the cobra and scorpion yourself! :-)

Wow, what a fantastic desert. I love your desert animals and your title really stands out! I particularly like the use of gold in the title. Well done you!

Thank you for the fab photos and the update Miss Clegg x

A fab desert in a shoe box! I really love the way you've built a pyramid, used a real skull and included your origami! Love this - very original! :-)

You are a little superstar! What a wonderful thing to achieve - £92 for the NHS is just AMAZING, you should be incredibly proud of yourself! Thank you to those pupils in Yellow Class who helped I to fundraise. xxx

Even faster this time! Wow! :-)

Still image for this video

What a fab desert in a shoe box, J! I hear from Mum that you were woken up by Fennec foxes and ended up in a cave full of jewels! Well done for recording the temperature daily and comparing it with In Salah. Can you imagine how hot it would be in the desert?! x

Excellent spelling learning from you! Your writing is so neat too, well done G! x

Fab instructions for Mint Tea! It seems like you enjoyed it by your 'yummy' comment! x

What a graceful and creative dance, you are so imaginative and your personality really shines through! BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, WATCH OUT! Everyone will adore this! x

Still image for this video

Making Mint Tea! :-)

I can't stop watching it! I just love EVERYTHING - the costumes, the music, the actions, the creativity! Huge admiration from me for you two! xx

Still image for this video

I hear that your fastest 1km time is 6mins 35secs!! Mr Mullender and Mrs Fulton will be so impressed! Well done! x

Golf, Art, DT, Maths, Reading and Chill Out time ... fab photos! x

Look at you swinging so high! So lovely to see you enjoying this and being part of nature too. x

Still image for this video

Fantastic Top Trumps cards and brilliant reading comprehension, well done A!

What a wonderful desert in a shoe box, Mrs Willis will love it! And look at you riding on a camel! x

T's estimates and actual results of things he can do in 1 minute... I think you've surprised yourself with the amount of jumps you did, wow! x

Can you guess how many times T jumped in one minute? How accurate was his estimate?

Still image for this video

Counting to 100 in tens ... I think you're faster than me! x

Still image for this video

What a lovely photo of you and your sister, it's so good to see you looking so happy! I'm so pleased that you saw the newly painted Music Room and sheds. Wait til you see the brilliant rainbow painted on the shed next to Year 3! x

It's so good to see you, A! Fantastic Top Trumps cards, I hear that you loved making these, well done. At first glance, I thought the tarantula was real! Keep up the great home learning! :-)

More from this amazing learner! Super poster of the Dromedary Camel, love the background landscape! :-)

Mrs Taylor is very impressed - this Spanish learning made her day yesterday! x

I can't believe how much you've improved in just a week or so! Go girl! x

Still image for this video

Another fantastic piece of Art ... I love how the pedals look like they're turning! x

Really EXCELLENT writing, G, with great commas in a list! I can see just how hard you've worked and I know that Mum is super proud of you too! :-)

This has made me SMILE so much! Your homeschooling uniform is brilliant too, LOVE it! x

Still image for this video

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a meekat and having to call the boiling hot desert home?" What an engaging sentence, C, it makes me want to read more! Such a great desert picture with beautiful warm colours too! x

Wow, what a fantastic desert in a shoebox, I love the real sand, bare branches on the tree and the slippery snake! Beautiful, neat writing too! x

Wait ... here he comes! Zooming past as fast as lightning, taking the jumps with ease! x

Still image for this video

What a shot, D! Didn't me and Mr M always say we couldn't believe the power and accuracy of your throwing/aim in Dodgeball. This is just AMAZING, love the foot and legwork too, you are a natural! :-)

Still image for this video

What a great song about horses, F! Wonderful non-fiction writing too, I love your use of sentence starters like 'It's true that...' x

What a fantastic non-fiction report all about Meerkats, V! Excellent sub-headings and spellings too, well done! x

A brilliant desert drawing ... a scorpion with 8 legs and a camel with 1 hump! You are becoming such a great artist! Well done, J! :-)

You would make a great teacher, I agree with Mum! This video is really lovely, R and your friends in Yellow Class will love seeing you! :-)

Still image for this video

Another cheeky grin! I love the way you've used pebbles to create rocks, fab! I wonder if this is the famous sky-diving cheetah?!! x

"I hope you like the trampoline football that I did for a video for you. My Dad did something cool and made music come on with it. It is my favourite song called Giant from Kids Bop 2020. I did some kicks with the football." N, I love this song too, and I have a GIANT amount of admiration for you! x

Still image for this video

"Meerkats look a bit like squirrels but there are differences." What a a fab sentence, R! Mrs Willis will love your desert drawing too, well done! x

What a beautiful Seasalter sunset and you're just like I was at your age, I loved to look at the atlas! x

"Different shades of the sky tell you it's different times of the day." A great picture with fab labelling! x

So proud of your independent writing, J, I love the way you've organised the clear sections. Morris the meerkat is fab! Well done! x

Look at that cake... I want some! I love that you decorated it yourself, fab! Thank you for my letter - great to hear that you've been reading 'The Long Haul' from the Wimpy Kid books! :-)

That cheeky smile says it all! Well done H, I know that you were so excited about this project, I love the cacti! :-)

Stunning Writing from N! I love your subheading: 'How would I know a meerkat if I met one?. Great sentence starters too! x